Finest Known

10 Morgan Dollars Graded Mint State 63 Choice Uncirculated (PCGS or NGC)



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Hand-Selected Morgan Dollars Under $50!
 Morgan Dollars from 1878 -1904, and 1921.
Graded Mint State 63 Choice Uncirculated (PCGS or NGC).
 Random Generic Dates and Mint Marks.
 $49.95 Per Coin (10 Coin Minimum).

Super Silver Special
Now may be the perfect time to enter the precious metals market with Finest Known’s Super Silver Special, sure to please coin collectors and investors alike. For a limited time, you can collect the American classic of Silver dollars, the Morgan Silver Dollar, at an incredible discounted price.

Morgan Silver Dollars have been long sought-out for their affordability, availability, and high liquidity. Collectors like having a choice uncirculated 100 year old coin which carries historical significance. While Investors loves the diversification it brings to portfolios, along with the ease of private storage.

Quantities in 10 Coin Packages
Qty. 1 = 10 Coin Package, $499.50
Qty. 2 = 20 Coin Package, $999.00
Qty. 5 = 50 Coin Package, $2,497.50
Qty. 10 = 100 Coin Package, $4,995.00
Qty. 50 = 500 Coin Package, $24,975.00
Qty. 100 = 1,000 Coin Package, $49,950.00