Finest Known





Capped Bust $5 (1807-1834)

The Finest Known of 3!

The 1830 Proof Half Eagle is by far and away one of the most important coins in all of numismatics. It is the Finest of 3 examples known to exist, one of which is permanently impounded in the Walt Durham Museum in Omaha, Nebraska.

Early Proof Gold represents one of the most elite areas in American numismatics, with rarity so extreme that only those collectors that desire the best of the best for their hard-earned money dare embark on a quest to own their piece of the pie. Those that do have historically been rewarded immensely for their efforts.

Prior to 1829, Half Eagles were produced in a Large Diameter format. Gold Bullion Deposits of the United States Mint were low because the actual value of gold was more than the face value of the coins being produced. Thus, it was a common occurrence for folks not to circulate the coinage they would receive from the Mint, and instead they would trade them for an immediate profit to an intermediary who would then export the coin out of the country.

In 1829, the U.S. Mint rectified this issue by reducing the Diameter. This reduced the amount of gold enough to standardize the denomination to an actual $5 in gold content.

This coin was owned by numismatic luminaries such as Henry Chapman and Louis Eliasberg. Eliasberg was legendary for assembling a complete set of all the U.S. coinage that was then known to him. His eyes would have never missed the opportunity to acquire a Proof 1830 Half Eagle.

Other semi unique coins have traded for princely sums which aren’t as rare as this, many into deep 7 figure territory.

Early Proof Gold is very seldom available for purchase because of its extreme rarity. I sold an 1829 Large Size Half Eagle in PR64 for $1,700.000 in December 2017 to a prominent dealer who represents the most aggressive collector in today’s market.

Also notable is an 1831 Proof Half Eagle, same diameter as the 1830, which sold for $1,351,250 in 2017.

In a day and age in which a lesser known Da Vinci painting has now sold for more than $450 Million – the price of a semi unique ultra-rarity such as this is simply too good to pass up.

These same types of individuals are the ones now looking to the rare coin market as their next vessel of opportunity.

You owe it to yourself to acquire one of the greatest numismatic grails of all time. There are few people who are in the right place and time to acquire these special masterpieces of the United States Mint, and you’ll be one.

This monumental rarity compared to other notables mentioned above seems like a tremendous value at only $750,000.


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