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100 Greatest Ancient Coins by Harlan J. Berk


100 Greatest Ancient Coins

by Harlan J. Berk

In this beautifully illustrated hardback reference book by Harlan J. Berk, one of the world’s best-known ancient-coin dealers, is a guided tour of the numismatic antiquities of Greece, Rome, the Eastern Roman (so-called Byzantine) empire, and other parts of the ancient world. This coffee-table-size, hardcover book features over 130 full-color pages of the Greatest Coins of the Ancient World, and filled with stories on each of the most important coins of early civilization, featuring Emperors and assassins, owls and turtles, gods and goddesses, brave heroes and villainous rogues. This book has beautiful large color photos of each coin, collector’s resource visual gallery, and glossary of terms. The 100 Greatest Ancient Coins earned the Numismatic Literary Guild’s prestigious award for “Best Specialized Book on World Coins.”

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